Black and white sets the tone

In a time of more colorful golf apparel, those two hues remain the most popular and versatile choice for players.

Published Mar 2015

Warming to the occasion

Knowing what to look for in foul weather gear will go a long way toward enhancing your comfort level on the course.

Published Feb 2015

Companies assist team players

Southland golfers and NFL fans have ample opportunities to wear their pride on their sleeves, and elsewhere.

Published Jan 2015

Tailgating steps up its game

The endeavor these days is a great way for friends and colleagues to get together, socialize and share good food and stories.

Published Dec 2014

Lighten the load

Many of today’s clothing fabrics and styles allow travelers to pack lighter, even when going to colder climates.

Published Nov 2014

Wool starts blending in

Apparel companies are incorporating the fabric in their lines because of its ability to warm and cool. Who knew?

Published Oct 2014

A tight fit

Fitness apparel is following the lead of golf with workout clothing that hugs the skin and gets you noticed.

Published Sep 2014

Time to rise and shine

The color of the sun is popping up in golf apparel as designers discover yellow’s bold and subtle versatility.

Published Jul 2014

Sole searching

Whether you prefer spikes or have gone spikeless, fit and support are important factors when selecting golf shoes.

Published Jul 2014

Be a leader of the packing

Versatile clothing will lighten the load and have you prepared for multiple weather conditions on your next trip.

Published Jun 2014