Chipping away at practice

The idea of working out the kinks on the range is begrudgingly starting to make sense.

Published Aug 2014

Lessons learned in golf

We all know instruction and practice are important, but to each his own, right?

Published Jul 2014

A few minutes make big difference

If you’re frustrated with inconsistent play, a quick-and-easy daily plan can instill confidence and improve your game.

Published Jul 2014

Have fun with charity events

Raising money for a good cause is all the better when those helping out are enjoying themselves.

Published Jul 2014

Spirit of brotherly love

Charity involvement through golf or other means can make a difference in someone’s life.

Published Jul 2014

Time for a swing shift

When it comes to getting the proper clubs for your game, ignoring the hype is a good place to start.

Published Jul 2014

Target these island greens

The Southland has many cool options when it comes to approach shots.

Published Jun 2014

Hit the road

Ready for a golf trip? The possibilities are endless.

Published Jun 2014

Hack Golf has a big idea

The proposal for a 15-inch cup on greens isn’t for everyone, but it could make the game enjoyable for more people.

Published Jun 2014

Lydia Ko wise beyond her years

The teen phenom continues to rack up professional victories, and she even got to keep the check from her most recent title.

Published May 2014