Some golfers and products made for each other

When it comes to marketing and endorsement ideas, perfect pairings often make dollars and sense.

Published Mar 2015

Forward thinking needed

Golf can – and should – do more to make women feel welcome.

Published Mar 2015

Watching Woods is fascinating

The former top-ranked golfer is spraying the ball and missing cuts, yet networks and the public can’t seem to get enough of him.

Published Mar 2015

Paying the price in Vegas

Rather than rolling the dice on hopefully winning money in the casinos, why not take that dough and have some on a high-end golf course?

Published Feb 2015

A moving tribute

The West Coast Swing had an impact on my relocation decision. Well, that and the ability to play year-round golf.

Published Jan 2015

Teacher provides gripping details

Lag is overrated, says golf guru Martin Hall, who tells students to educate their hands for a better handle on a solid swing.

Published Jan 2015

The future is a murky thing

What will happen in 2015? Glad you asked, because I'm going to give it my best shot. Proceed with caution.

Published Jan 2015

Good inside game makes golf fun

Learning to enjoy yourslef on the course and remain positive no matter the results will be beneficial in the long run.

Published Dec 2014

A few of my favorite things

Golf in Southern California has so many best-case scenarios that it's hard to choose, but here goes anyway.

Published Dec 2014

Teacher stands tall for others

A paraplegic golfer's mobile device is designed to help wounded veterans and people suffering from paralysis stay active and in the game.

Published Nov 2014