Dry run prompts new thinking

A continuing lack of rain means area course operators and golfers must incorporate and adapt to new maintenance practices.

Published Apr 2014

Geeked out about technology

Keep up with club manufacturers requires an advanced math or physics degree.

Published Apr 2014

The Full Monty

Colin Montgomerie's stories include one about him almost never becoming a professional golfer.

Published Apr 2014

Sandra Palmer still in the game

The former LPGA great now spends her time teaching and marveling at some of the young talent in the women's game.

Published Mar 2014

A lighter approach might work

Guys can learn a lot by watching the swings and course management routines of good female players.

Published Mar 2014

Playing by the rules

Having the book thrown at you is part of the format at SCGA seminars designed to point out some of golf's arcane regulations.

Published Mar 2014

Coming of age

As noted instructor Bill Harmon told me, turning 50 doesn’t have to mean game over when it comes to golf.

Published Feb 2014

Surviving a swing shift

Recovering from cancer surgery can wreak havoc on your game, but don’t give up. Strong comebacks are possible.

Published Feb 2014

Senior moments fun to watch

Relating to players on the Champions Tour is much easier for guys like me.

Published Feb 2014

Launching pad

A golf coach at Dove Canyon is using technical data and common sense to give students improvement ideas for the year.

Published Jan 2014