January 2005


A Slice of Heaven

The seclusion of Pauma Valley makes it a serene escape for golfers who love traditional layouts.

Published Jan 2005

Northern Stars

Saddle Creek and Coyote Creek in upstate California are great courses in pastoral settings that will satisfy everyone's tastes.

Published Jan 2005

A Learning Experience

With PGA instruction, a beginning golfer starts a one-year quest to improve his game.

Published Jan 2005

How Dry I Am

A positive image will help save strokes- and balls- when playing shots over water.

Published Jan 2005

In Search of Excellence

A unique hi-tech training facility will bring out the best in your game.

Published Jan 2005

No Doubt About It

Understanding the rules can save you strokes.

Published Jan 2005

Fun and Games

A snappy post-tournament newsletter is a valuable way to keep players coming back and attract new ones to your charity event.

Published Jan 2005

One on One with Tom Lehman

The veteran player chats with Glenn Monday about his strengths.

Published Jan 2005

Back on Track

10 golf tips you need to start the new year right.

Published Jan 2005

Equipment & Accessories

Published Jan 2005

Tools of the Trade

Get the most out of your clubs with a proper fit.

Published Jan 2005

Leave Tiger Alone!

Let's do away with the post-round interview.

Published Jan 2005

No Passing Fancy

Former USC and NFL quarterback Vince Evans helps call the plays at Industry Hills.

Published Jan 2005

What's Next?

10 burning questions as the PGA Tour returns to the Southland.

Published Jan 2005

Be Specific in Your Training

There's a big difference between general fitness and golf-specific fitness.

Published Jan 2005


Slick jack resists water on and off the course.

Published Jan 2005