December 2005


A Welcome Addition

Escena Golf Club brings something new to Palm Springs.

Published Dec 2005

Desert Bloom

Golf in the Coachella Valley continues to grow with new and improved courses.

Published Dec 2005

Springing to Life

Renovations have brought a well of improvements to The Country Club at Soboba Springs.

Published Dec 2005

One on One with Shigeki Maruyama

Shigeki Maruyama — the most successful Japanese golfer in PGA Tour history, shares some insight with Glenn Monday.

Published Dec 2005

Change Is Good

Ways to make your next tournament more successful.

Published Dec 2005

Playing Through

After a year of instruction, Dang Nguyen is now confident enough to get in the game.

Published Dec 2005

Getting Better All the Time

Improve your practice routine, look sharper and have more fun on the course.

Published Dec 2005

American Dream

Rory Hie arrived in the country six years ago and has worked his way toward the top of the national rankings.

Published Dec 2005

Class Acts

Inductees into the 2005 Southland Golf Hall of Fame receive high marks for their impact on the game.

Published Dec 2005

Sandra Palmer

The former LPGA great gets ready to bring her teaching skills to Southland students.

Published Dec 2005

Setting a New Course

After 17 years as a player, Heather Drew now caddies, teaches and raises hope for people living with multiple sclerosis.

Published Dec 2005

What A Year!

The Southland’s top 10 moments in the world of professional golf.

Published Dec 2005

Starting to Shape Up

Weight training has produced more strength and a solid foundation, so it’s time to get specific with golf-related exercises.

Published Dec 2005

A Real Taste for the Game

Mesquite offers a variety of flavors when it comes to courses and places to stay.

Published Dec 2005

Smoke Signals

A recent research trip verified that more golfers are lighting up — and enjoying — cigars on the course.

Published Dec 2005

Winning Combination

GGblue’s golf apparel offers women a chance to look good and be comfortable on — and off — the course.

Published Dec 2005

Safety in Numbers

Firing to a flag in a location that doesn’t fit your strength could lead to a big score.

Published Dec 2005