May 2005



Southern Californians don’t have to venture far from the course to enjoy a pleasurable nightlife experience.

Published May 2005

Landmark Decision

Management company is looking to expand its portfolio of courses.

Published May 2005

Short and Sweet

What Twin Oaks Golf Course lacks in length is more than compensated for with a well-manicured layout and intriguing design.

Published May 2005

Reaching New Heights

Yucaipa Valley soars with master-planned community.

Published May 2005

One on One with Fred Funk

Fred Funk reached the pinnacle of his career with his win at The Players Championship in March.

Published May 2005

Target Golf

Poor alignment is a common ailment for people who constantly hit the ball off line.

Published May 2005

Getting Back on the Ball

Skipping practice sessions is a sure way to slip back into old habits or forget what you’ve learned.

Published May 2005

Knowing How the Swing Works

Glenn Monday’s book takes a fresh approach — and his lessons are designed to be adaptable to all players.

Published May 2005

Golf Gifts for Mom

If you haven’t picked up a Mother’s Day gift and your mom is a golfer, there are some great web sites to check for last-minute ideas:

Published May 2005

Did You Remember Mom?

If Mother’s Day snuck up on you, it’s never too late to buy her something nice.

Published May 2005

Master of the Moment

Local PGA pros react to Tiger’s win at Augusta.

Published May 2005

Loosen Up!

Want to hit the ball better? Get some flexibility in your muscles.

Published May 2005

Spring Fever

Cutter and Buck introduces new take on old favorites.

Published May 2005