September 2005

Kings Of Clubs

Arnold Palmer-designed Empire Lakes offers golfers a chance to follow in the footsteps of future stars

Published Sep 2005

Simply Best 72 Of Our Favorite People, Places

Argue all you want about the best places in the world to play golf.

Published Sep 2005

Life In the Fast Lane

The I-15 corridor has seen a lot of new faces — and golf courses — in the past 15 years

Published Sep 2005

The Empire Strikes Back

The booming inland empire is fast becoming a place known for its fine golf course communities

Published Sep 2005

One on One with Steve Elkington

Steve Elkington shares his favorite tips with Glenn Monday.

Published Sep 2005

Growing Pains

As junior golfers get taller, they need to concentrate on grip, balance and staying down through impact

Published Sep 2005

All The Best

When it comes to golf, it’s all good, but some things make the game even better

Published Sep 2005

Learning Experiences

Not everyone thinks — or teaches — alike, so golf students and instructors need to be on the same page when on the range

Published Sep 2005

Practice Anywhere, Anytime

5 training aids for convenient practice

Published Sep 2005


Tomasulo defeats Merrick to win Long Beach Open

Published Sep 2005

Third Times A Charm

Despite an injured toe, Alison Lee captures another junior world title

Published Sep 2005

Carolyn Vesper Bivens

New LPGA commissioner sees a brighter future for the thriving tour

Published Sep 2005

Battle Fatigue

The final ‘Battle at the Bridges’ wasn’t the illuminating experience I was hoping to see

Published Sep 2005

Gut Check

The editor’s waistline and golf game haven’t been measuring up to his standards lately, so he’s putting his body on the line to change that

Published Sep 2005

Peek Season

The industry’s top apparel companies unveil fall lines that look great on — and off — the course

Published Sep 2005