May 2006


Memories Reign Supreme

Foul weather leads to a different kind of round — where friends gather at a table to reminisce about the early days of golf.

Published May 2006

Junior Achievement

Young golfers need to be athletic and flexible in order to be at their best on the course.

Published May 2006

Great expectations

It’s time to stop wasting shots and start managing the golf course — here’s how to do it.

Published May 2006

Learning Tools

Three book excerpts to help you along the way.

Published May 2006

One on One with Adam Scott

Glenn Monday talks with the 25-year-old rising star.

Published May 2006

Teach Your Children Well

Despite an overall downturn in the number of rounds being played, junior golf remains hot.

Published May 2006

Equipment & Gaming

Equipment & gaming for May.

Published May 2006

In the Bag: Hybrids

Here’s a look at some new hybrids now on the market from Southland manufacturers.

Published May 2006

Lesson Plan

The struggling author isn’t a scratch golfer; not even close. So he’s starting from scratch in hopes of getting back in the swing of things on the course.

Published May 2006

Little Pro Hits the Big Time

Like its author, Eddie Merrins’ latest book is filled with charm, wisdom and plenty of wit.

Published May 2006

Passion Play: Paula Olsen

Paula Olsen parlays her love of golf and teaching into a successful career.

Published May 2006

Webb Sighting

The LPGA veteran disappeared for a few years before making the biggest splash of all at the Kraft Nabisco Championship.

Published May 2006

Equal Opportunities: The Executive Women’s Golf Association

The Executive Women’s Golf Association provides a chance to get in the game

Published May 2006

From Rinks to the Links: Jane Rah

Trading her ice skates for golf spikes, Jane Rah has become one of the country’s top juniors.

Published May 2006

Like Father, Like Son: Earl & Tiger Woods

Earl Woods has always been a driving force behind the great success of the world’s most famous golfer.

Published May 2006

Master of His Domain: Phil Mickelson

With his second title at Augusta National, Phil Mickelson proves he has what it takes.

Published May 2006

Destination Hawaii

An enchanting island paradise where golfers can stay and play to their heart’s delight.

Published May 2006

The Wild, Wild West

Golfers can still get a taste of the frontier spirit with a trip to one of these rough-and-tumble destinations.

Published May 2006

Classic Collection

Aureus shoots for a fresh, modern look with its men’s and women’s clothing line.

Published May 2006

Keep Chipping Away

Trying different options around the greens could lead to better scores.

Published May 2006

Better Days

The Tournament Players Club at Valencia is headed in the right direction under the manage.

Published May 2006

Living Like A King

Arnold Palmer puts his mark on two new Southland real estate developments.

Published May 2006

Who Wants to be A Millionaire?

The Ultimate Game gives players a shot at the big bucks.

Published May 2006