July 2007


Tough Love

There are plenty of challenging holes throughout the Los Angeles area. Here are 15 of our favorite.

Published Jul 2007

Open House-The Classic Club

The Classic Club has a brand-new clubhouse to complement its top-notch course.

Published Jul 2007

Talega Golf Club to host South OC Amateur Championship

Talega Golf Club has received plenty of accolades since opening in 2001. But one thing the San Clemente course has lacked is a major amateur golf championship.

Published Jul 2007

Love at First Sight

With its natural terrain and park-like feel, the new Dos Lagos is a pleasure to play.

Published Jul 2007

One on One with Tom Weiskopf

Tom Weiskopf chats with Glenn Monday.

Published Jul 2007


Looking to Improve? Try visiting GolfTEC

Published Jul 2007

Prepare Yourself

Successful course management requires discipline, trust, confidence and commitment.

Published Jul 2007

Seeing is Believing

We can all learn something from the way the game is played across the pond.

Published Jul 2007

Keeping an even Keel

It's crucial to stay calm, cool and collected under pressure.

Published Jul 2007

The Changing Face of Putting

Dr. Dale Fisher's theory is that you should be able to use the same stroke on a fast green as you do on a slow green by changing the putter insert.

Published Jul 2007

Back to the 'draw'ing board

MacGregor is back in the game with the MACTEC NVG2 Draw Driver.

Published Jul 2007

Fixing a Hole

The official divot tool of the PGA Tour looks different than most - because it is.

Published Jul 2007

Mission control

Innovative clubmakers are helping golfers get a handle on their short games.

Published Jul 2007

Clean up Your Act with the Scrub Brush

The Scrub Brush from Corona-based Club Scrub is a completely detachable golf brush designed and developed by avid golfers and experienced golf retailers.

Published Jul 2007

Going the Distance-10 Big Hitters

10 big hitters show you how to smoke it off the tee.

Published Jul 2007

Company Connects Caddies with Courses

Bobby DiMeo is no stranger to top-notch public courses. He and his golf buddies will play everywhere from Hawaii to Las Vegas, not thinking twice about dropping anywhere from $200 to $300 a round.

Published Jul 2007

Coming up Aces

One isn't the loneliest number for Jacqueline Gagne, whose amazing feat has garnered her a lot of attention.

Published Jul 2007

Dave Youpa

The director of golf at Industry Hills knows that a proper grip on the club - and on life - is the key to succes

Published Jul 2007

Mike Williams

Superintendent Mike Williams keeps golf course conditions up to par.

Published Jul 2007

Jack or Tiger?

When it comes to picking the all-time best, it's a close call - but Woods seems to have the edge

Published Jul 2007

Junior Achiever

With a love for the game, Megan Mahoney is leading the way for young San Diego golfers.

Published Jul 2007

Oscar De La Hoya

The boxer from East L.A. picked up the game a decade ago and has been hooked ever since.

Published Jul 2007

Royal Treat

Top women golfers will finally get a chance this year to show off their skills ON the Old Course at St. Andrews

Published Jul 2007

Success Stories

Although they're at very different points in their careers, Chris Riley and Jamie Lovemark have a lot in common

Published Jul 2007

Stand up for Yourself

Maintaining proper posture will lead to better timing, rhythm and balance.

Published Jul 2007

Hot on the Grill

Award-winning chef Gavin Kaysen savors his work at one of San Diego's top golf resorts.

Published Jul 2007

Making Waves

Situated just steps from the ocean, a Vacation Village getaway has something for everyone.

Published Jul 2007

Tee for Two

Sycuan Resort offers the perfect golf getaway for couples looking to enjoy some quality time together.

Published Jul 2007

Two Courses, One great Rate

Play two great desert courses for one great rate.

Published Jul 2007

A Bold Statement

If you like sticking out in the crowd on a golf course, get a pair of slacks from Loud Mouth Golf.

Published Jul 2007

Being Creative Around the Green Will Save Strokes

How do you decide what club to use when playing around the green?

Published Jul 2007

Increase Your Clubhead Speed for More Distance

How can I increase strength without giving up accuracy?

Published Jul 2007

Get A Handle On Your Putting Grip

Can a putter grip really make a difference in shaving off a few strokes?

Published Jul 2007

Know When It Pays To Play Aggressively

How do I become more aggressive without sacrificing the game I’ve already created?

Published Jul 2007

Twice as Nice

Whirlwind Golf Club features two top-notch championship courses at a world-class resort.

Published Jul 2007

Southland Golf Magazine's Course Guide

Published Jul 2007