Make a split decision

Doing this lower body exercise on a regular basis will increase stabilization for more power on the course.

Published Oct 2014

Winding up

Uncork your rotational power and stretch out key swing areas with this new move.

Published Aug 2014

A new twist

Develop your rotational power with this take on a famous pose.

Published May 2014

Get hip to more flexibility

If you’re tight in this area, try this stretch to loosen up and get more power.

Published May 2014

Time for a gut check

Strengthening your abs and core will aid your stability, power and balance during the swing.

Published Apr 2014

An uplifting experience

The Elephant can elevate your game by increasing flexibility and strength in key parts of the body.

Published Mar 2014

Loosen up

Exercises to stretch your hips and knees will help ease pain and promote a smoother swing.

Published Feb 2014

Shooting from the hip

Increasing mobility and rotation in your torso will lead to a smoother and more balanced swing.

Published Jan 2014

Swing full of risky moves

A regional biomechanics expert says the way many of us play golf puts us in danger of spine, back and disc injuries.

Published Sep 2013

Trainer a driving force

Lee Brandon uses a combination of strength, flexibility, good posture and proper exercises to hit the golf ball a long way.

Published Sep 2013