Plane and simple

For many, a proper swing path is best learned by feel rather than looking at lines on a screen.

Published Jun 2014

Teachers marvel at junior achievements

Orange County instructors Tom Sargent and Bobby Lasken have helped a lot of young talent over the years but are still amazed at what's happening now.

Published May 2014

Short shots in the arm

These tips – and practice – will get you over the hump when it comes to bunkers and those nerve-wracking high, soft lobs.

Published May 2014

Practice needs more focus

David Leadbetter is fine with computer data but not the technology overkill he says is hindering the improvement of average players.

Published May 2014

Small ball

Journey’s junior lesson plan includes Tiny Tees, where starting them young is the name of the game.

Published May 2014

Short story worth a look

An examination of your chipping, putting, pitching and bunker play can go a long way toward lowering your scores.

Published Apr 2014

Trainer bridging the gap

An instructor with a mobile unit vows to get golfers – and especially women – swinging better and on the course faster.

Published Mar 2014

Clinic offers group therapy

Overcoming golf course jitters is part of the game plan at Oak Creek’s adult sessions that have become popular with women.

Published Mar 2014

Contact information

The proper setup with your driver will have a big impact on where the ball goes.

Published Mar 2014

Playing the angles

Focus your eyes on an intermediate target to get your shoulders and hips in proper position.

Published Feb 2014