Plane talk

An alignment rod drill can help get your club on the right path.

Published Jan 2015

Circling back

A little baby powder can get you on the right track to a better downswing.

Published Jan 2015

Get a rock solid swing

The sensation of skipping stones on the water can lead to better mechanics and a smoother motion.

Published Jan 2015

Hit the target on greens

Locking your focus on a precise spot will lead to holing more putts.

Published Nov 2014

Get on the right path

Checking your takeaway is easy with this range bucket drill.

Published Nov 2014

Tighten your focus on greens

Putting to a tiny hole is good practice for when the stakes increase.

Published Nov 2014

Practice bucket lists a good idea

How you spend your time on the range and the number balls you hit are key factors to improvement during lessons and while warming up.

Published Oct 2014

Think about it

A sound mental game plan at the range and on the course can lead to more confidence and lower scores.

Published Aug 2014

Get on a roll

A drill using balls to form a path will help your confidence level and mental focus on the greens.

Published Aug 2014

Straight talk on setup

The correct posture position at address means no slumping or roundness in your upper body.

Published Aug 2014