Ranching out near Tucson

Relaxing until the cows come home – or at least let you play through – is part of the allure at a rustic Arizona golf resort.

Published Apr 2014

Coronado hits the sweet spot

The history of the San Diego County island locale begins with a former sugar baron whose purchase of the property was the opening chapter of the region’s bustling tourism trade.

Published Mar 2014

Senior moments in the desert

The Coachella Valley is a haven for the over-50 crowd, as long as you pace yourself on the course and eat dinner early.

Published Feb 2014

Tucson a welcoming place

The college town is below Phoenix-Scottsdale in direction only, because, when it comes to golf, The Old Pueblo has a lot to offer on a smaller scale.

Published Feb 2014

Best bets in Las Vegas

There are a lot of great options in Sin City, but some golf sites stand out from the crowd.

Published Feb 2014

Praising Arizona

A new course in Scottsdale blends in beautifully with other options for visitors to the state’s golf-happy metropolitan area.

Published Feb 2014

Rancho Valencia cuts no corners

Hopping into the driver’s seat of a Porsche is one of the upscale amenity options for guests at the resort in San Diego County.

Published Dec 2013

Gulf the place for golf

The southwest corner of Louisiana serves up some stellar course options along with its water activities and eclectic cuisine.

Published Dec 2013

Warming trend in the desert

The Southland’s Coachella Valley has been a burgeoning hot spot for many generations.

Published Nov 2013

Natural beauties

The stunning scenery of the northern Central Coast doesn’t end when you get off the highway and step on the first tee.

Published Nov 2013