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Play golf around the world

No two courses are exactly alike, which is what makes travel such a winning proposition.

by Brian LichtermanPublished: April, 2012

I’ve always loved to travel. It’s what I look forward to. It’s what taught me about the world and its many cultures. I crave it. Luckily, golf is a traveler’s game. There are golf courses all over the world. From courses that line the oceans of the world to those that traverse the peaks and valleys of snow-topped mountains, golf is everywhere. Most golfers have a “bucket list” or Top-5 courses they want to play, and I’m no different. I have so much golf left to play, and here is where I’d love to get started.

Unique Destination
Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club
This course distinguishes itself with a few facts: The course is 3,746 feet above sea level, has year-round mountain temperatures of 57-75 degrees and sits inside the crater of a 300-year-old extinct volcano! This course has become my sole reason for visiting the Indonesian islands.

St. Andrews Links – Old Course
I’ve had dreams about the tee shot I would hit on 18. Battling the wind, staring history in the face and playing a course I’ve only seen on television--those are the reasons St. Andrews makes my list. The old course is the birthplace of golf, where it was played 600 years ago. It’s synonymous with the Open Championship – which it will host in 2015 for the 29th time. Despite its reputation and status, it is a public course, one of seven public courses at St. Andrews Links.

East Coast
Pine Valley Golf Club
Consistently ranked as the top golf course in the world, curiosity more than anything makes me want to play this southern New Jersey course. Is it really that good? What makes it so different? Because the course layout is set in stone and no trees will be removed, there will never be enough room on the course for Pine Valley to host a PGA tournament, which adds to its mystique. With membership by invitation only, this one might be a long shot.

West Coast
Cypress Point Club
Pebble Beach and Spyglass get the attention, but my sights are set on Cypress on the Monterey Peninsula. The course meanders through coastal dunes and into the Del Monte forest on the front nine then heads back to the rocky coastline for the back. The signature 16th hole – a 231-yard par-3 over the Pacific Ocean to a mid-sized green – is one I’m dying to play.

All-Time Dream Round
Augusta National
How could it be anything else? There are enough stories and memories lining the course at Augusta for several lifetimes. Its beauty, history and exclusivity make it the ultimate round. Stepping on the first tee box, hitting into the green on 13, wrapping a draw around the water on 16 and walking up the fairway on 18 are moments that few in this world will experience. The Masters in Augusta, Georgia, is widely considered the greatest golf tournament on earth.


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