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Nature of the Pelican Hill game

Sustainability is the future for golf architects and property managers.

by Jim FitzpatrickPublished: May, 2012

The first-ever Sustainability Eco Tour at Pelican Hill provided a unique “behind-the-greens” experience and insights into design features of turf management and landscape that deliver sustainable benefits. Standing on a tee box gazing at the spectacular ocean views and experiencing a coastal breeze, the average golfer thinks, “How do I make it onto that recently re-perfected Tom Fazio green and not three putt?”--not, “Gee, I wonder how they keep this looking good and playing well.”

But the philosophy of Pelican Hill is full-service - they even act as stewards of the environment, so that all player has to do is bring an “A” game and enjoy the many fruits of good “green” choices.

Golfers for the most part desire attractive, playable green spaces. Sustainable practices deliver on these desires today and are intended to allow such quality play for generations to come.

Pelican Hill’s turf is Tifway 2 bermudagrass. How does that benefit golfers? Tifway 2 bermudagrass creates consistent fairway playing conditions year-round, even during summer stress periods. The dense growth habit allows for quicker recovery, particularly when it comes to divots. Tolerating very close mowing and yielding very dense turf, it allows great lies for the golf ball.

The lakes at Pelican Hill, the ones everyone hits over or into, are part of a system that prevents run-off to the ocean, improves water quality and provides storage for a new irrigation system.

Tifway 2 bermudagrass is resistant to turf disease, requiring fewer chemicals and making for a healthier, more natural playing environment while requiring less water. This allows the golfer to enjoy firm fast fairways, which adds yardage and boosts egos.

These sustainability achievements also allow for such a golf course to be developed and maintained on the ocean’s edge.

Sustainability is about ensuring a positive future. These changes will not help you make a putt or give you extra yards off the tee, but you’ll rest easy knowing that sustainable decisions have been made so that Pelican Hill will be available, and in great shape for future generations.


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