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The online tee-time service has made golf more affordable and accessible to Southern Californians.

BY JOEL BEERSPublished: September, 2009 founder Mike Carran (PHOTO: Challenge Roddie).
Since its inception in 2002, has helped golf courses fill tee sheets and allowed thousands of golfers to book last-minute tee times.

But the company, a pioneer in the business of next-day tee times in Southern California, is more than just a booking engine.

“We’ve found a lot of golfers are using Click to discover courses they never would have played before,” site founder and current manager Mike Carran said. “We’ve really broadened the reach of golfers. It’s not just about saving money.”

The idea for, which was acquired by The Active Network in 2006, was spawned after Carran saw how useful a tool the Internet had become to navigate sites such as Priceline, Expedia and Orbitz. Those sites put more power into consumers’ hands, and armed them with plenty of knowledge.

Carran isn’t resting on his success, as he is in the process of retooling the Click4TeeTimes site.

“Right now, we offer the inventory and users can click on the course profile and get information on a course, but the new site will include consumer and member reviews, a ratings system and a panel that will review and recommend courses based on their own preferences,” he said.

One of the most intriguing aspects about the new site, which launches this fall, is the course recommendation panel.

“The goal is to have a variety of golfers with different ages and handicaps, and each person will go out once a month and review a different golf course,” Carran said. “We feel that someone with an 18 handicap will identify more with a fellow 18-handicapper than a review from a scratch golfer. Our visitors will be able to follow players similar in ability and age, which will make the course recommendations relevant.”

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