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Subtle new wedges from Miura

by Southland GolfPublished: November, 2012

Miura Golf’s new series of wedges is attracting attention because of its fine chrome finish and playability.

The Canadian company is offering the wedges in odd-numbered lofts, each stamped with a kanji–a Japanese character that translates as “striving” or “noble effort.”

“Significant changes don’t have to be big,” says Adam Barr, president of Miura. “Shinei Miura and his brother Yoshitaka, with help from their father … have come up with a truly artistic set of refinements for our wedges.”

“Watching and listening to hundreds of players, the Miura family learned a great deal about how golfers like their wedges to get through the turf,” Barr explained. “So, while some of our bounce angles haven’t changed in terms of number of degrees, subtle improvements in the overall sole shape have made more effective bounce angles.’’

Miura Golf is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, and their clubs are sold at custom-fitting shops throughout the United States. The wedges start at $235 and come with various shaft and grip options.


Clubs: Forged with a high chrome finish
Lofts: 51 to 59 degrees
Head weights: 297 to 307 grams
Retail: $235


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Please get your facts straight before publishing an article. Miura Golf is a Japanese based company. They may or may not have headquarters in Canada, but they are not Canadian.
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