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New gear for your game

Two hot products for fine-tuning your game.

by Brian LichtermanPublished: April, 2012

There are many range finders in the market today, so what makes Leupold’s 2012 GX Golf Rangefinders different? The difference is in the “smart key” technology that gives  more detailed information than simple distances. For instance, it can tell if the flag, bunker or whatever you’re targeting is uphill or downhill and will adjust distances. It’s the equivalent of actual distance versus what the target is playing.

Also, the GX-4i version comes with a detachable smart key that turns a simple rangefinder into a device that acts like an actual caddie. The smart key attachment also adds the “True Golf Range” and “Club Selector” features that, after inputting your distances with a few different irons, will give you a club suggestion for the shot you’re targeting with the rangefinder. Imagine having a 132-yard shot and an uphill lie. Because you normally hit a 9-iron 130 yards, the GX-4i will adjust the distance for an uphill green and suggest you hit 8-iron instead.

The GX rangefinders are durable and a perfect size. They feel comfortable in the hand. The red interface that displays when you look through the eyepiece is a welcome upgrade from rangefinders that use a simple grayscale. Check out for specs and details.

If you’re looking to improve your game, set up and posture might be a good place to start – and Smart Body Golf’s Leverage Discs can help keep you stable. A large number of golfers fall into the bad habit of starting their swing poorly. Lower body stability, preventing swaying, and increasing quality rotational movement patterns all can be achieved by spending a few minutes every day on the Leverage Discs.

Each disc is about three pounds, 13 inches in diameter and made of PVC so they won’t slip when you’re standing on them. Taking swings with a club or even empty-handed if you don’t have room can help your posture and weight distribution immensely.

The discs can help your swing from the ground up, literally. Weight transfer is where a lot of players get stuck because they’re leaning out in front of the ball and leaving the clubface open. Staying centered and rotating around your spine will help you square the clubface. Grab a pair of Leverage Discs and focus on turning rather than shifting.


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