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Published: September, 2009

Iomic Grips offer high-tech performance in a variety of colors

Grips have become a hit among amateurs and professionals alike.

If you’re looking to upgrade your grips for function and aesthetics, check out Iomic Grips, which began getting noticed in the United States about four years ago after experiencing a boom market in Japan.

“They are getting very, very popular both with everyday players as well as on the PGA Tour,” said Tak Yamamoto, president of Club Inc., a Cerritos-based company that is the sole Iomic distributor in the U.S. “They last longer, the torque is much lower than a rubber grip, and they look and feel great.”

Iomic Grips are formed from elastomers, which make them more water- and friction-resistant than rubber grips and more adhesive to the touch than silicon.

What also makes Iomic Grips stand out is the array of colors available. The natural color of elastomers is white, meaning Iomic Grips can be infused with up to 200 color combinations.

Iomic offers three grip styles for woods and irons: the original X-Grip; the X-Evolution, which is thicker than the original; and the Stickey, which is the lightest of the three. Putter grips also are available.

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