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Is the course playing you?

In the same vein as customized equipment, make sure the layout of the course fits your game.

by Bob Madsen, PGAPublished: June, 2012

Properly fitted equipment at least will remove serious disadvantage. At best it is a big advantage. After one lesson and the purchase of a properly fitted driver, one of our guest’s slice went away completely and he gained 40 yards! That’s very interesting to me.

Here’s something else that interests me: honestly fitting your skill level and firepower to the right amount of golf course.

To progress, you have to play the right courses. You must make sure you can truly handle the courses you are playing. Mainly, the layout must be short enough and relatively uncomplicated. If the course is friendly and not too penal, you will learn and improve faster than if you go out, get frustrated, hunt for balls all day and get beat up emotionally.

Don’t go to a course that’s extreme if it’s a bad fit for your game. For game improvement purposes, the course should be pretty flat with not a lot of water, canyons, cart paths or houses. I don’t want you afraid at all times of making a triple bogey.

Don’t play the back tees at your local course. Move up. Use a set of tees that’s an appropriate fit for your game; not your ego. You need to be relaxed and know for sure you are going to make progress, build confidence and leave feeling good.

Play par-3 courses when you are working on changes or learning. Little pitch-and-putts even.

Being in over your head in other endeavors like skiing, rock climbing, surfing and weight lifting is dangerous. As far as making progress in golf is concerned, I think the same about golf courses.

Having a plan of attack before you decide to play can yield benefits.

I wonder. Is the golf course playing you? I hope the opposite.


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