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Hunter Mahan

Hunter Mahan talks about his wins and current state of his game.

interview by Glenn MondayPublished: May, 2012

Hunter Mahan was the 1999 U.S. Junior Amateur Champion. With two wins so far in 2012 Hunter Mahan is playing great golf. As one of the more recognizable names on tour, Mahan is certainly one to watch for years to come.

GM: How old were you when you started playing the great game of golf?
HM: I started playing golf when I was 9.

GM: Did you enter junior tournaments as a kid?
HM: I started playing junior tournaments when I was 11, and that year I was fortunate enough to win.

GM: Sounds like this game came easy to you.
HM: The truth is I had to work on it just like everybody else. I do recall that I developed good mechanics, basics and good fundamentals early on. I remember that I was a good ball striker and that I hit a ton of greens.

GM: Today on tour, what have you been focusing on while in your practice sessions?
HM: I like to work the ball right to left and left to right. I am working on my ball flight. What I’m looking for is, I would like to see consistent trajectory and shape. I enjoy hitting the draw with the correct shape.

GM: Because of all of your good practice, you have a golf swing that has great tempo, timing, rhythm and balance.
HM: (with a smile and a laugh) Yes, I agree.


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