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Keep your posture

Early extension is the root cause of many problems.

by Shawn Cox, PGAPublished: May, 2012

One of the biggest errors golfers can make during a full swing is lifting the upper body as the ball is being hit. So often we hear “keep your head down.” As golf professionals we know that simply keeping your eye on the ball longer is only a quick fix – not one that will resolve a more serious issue.

To understand the importance of the pelvis and how it affects posture, try this: Assume your golf posture without a club. Next, take one of your hands and push your posterior in toward where the ball would be. Notice that, as your pelvis moves toward the ball, your body will begin to stand up to provide counterbalance.

This illustrates what happens during your swing when you come up on the ball as your pelvis comes in toward the ball. This is called early extension.

Early extension originates for many golfers from the backswing by not loading the weight correctly into the trail hip (right hip for right-handed golfers). When you take the club back, your hips should rotate, and the weight should feel like it is going to your trail leg heel.

When you rotate your hips and begin this weight transfer, your glutes should feel like they are staying back against an imaginary wall. If you keep your pelvis from coming into the ball, you can keep your upper body from wanting to rise up as you are going through impact.

You may find that you can keep your body rotating through impact because your energy isn’t being exerted coming into the ball.

This technique should dramatically help you hit the ball in a more consistent direction. After all, consistency is the name of the game in golf. It also should be easier on your back - something every golfer can appreciate.


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