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One on One with Stewart Cink

Stewart Cink talks staying cool under pressure with Glenn Monday.

BY GLENN MONDAYPublished: September, 2009

Stewart Cink.
The PGA Tour veteran won this year's British Open for his major title and also has been on four U.S. Ryder Cup teams.

Glenn: Do you think differently when the pressure is on?

Stewart: I go through a physical routine and a mental routine on the range. By continuous repetition, I become very familiar with what I need to do under pressure.

Glenn: What is your mental routine?
Stewart: I see the target, aim my body, trust my swing and pull the trigger.

Glenn: On the physical side, what do you work on?
Stewart: I work a lot on alignment and swinging within myself.

Glenn: Whose swings have you learned from?
Stewart: I’ve seen Ben Hogan’s golf swing on tape quite a bit.  I’ve looked at Tom Kite’s and Nick Price’s swings a lot.

Glenn: From all of that study, what did you discover?
Stewart: I’ve tried to copy their swing planes and acceleration.

Glenn: What else caught your eye?
Stewart: I’ve seen great impact positions with all of them. Their downswings are all fundamentally sound and I try for that.

Glenn Monday is an L.A. based teaching pro and author of “Know Your Swing.” He can be reached at (310) 322-8924.