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New golf TV channel gets a boost

Back9Network gets funding lift from Connecticut officials.

by John DunphyPublished: July, 2012

James Bosworth
Plans by actor Clint Eastwood and pal James Bosworth, a former assistant pro at Pebble Beach, to create a new TV golf channel got a big boost from the state of Connecticut.

Back9Network, conceived as a golf lifestyle and sports channel to rival The Golf Channel, will locate its studio and corporate operations in downtown Hartford, Bosworth said.

To help with that effort, the state will offer a 10-year $750,000 loan at one percent interest.

Other incentives from the state’s Small Business Express Program include a $100,000 grant and a five-year $250,000 incentive loan at two percent interest for creating 10 jobs within one year, according to a release from Gov. Daniel Malloy’s office.

“We are thrilled to create new job opportunities for the existing workforce in the State of Connecticut, but also to attract new, vibrant and talented employees to the Hartford area,” Bosworth said in the release.

Back9Network launched as a startup in 2010 after Bosworth secured $45 million in private equity funding.

Prior to that he served in executive positions for Callaway Golf and Cleveland Golf.

Back9Network debuted some of their planned programming at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando back in January.

Eastwood, a primary investor, was there via video clip as the company’s “creative chairman” along with former NBA All-Star Ray Allen, who serves on the board of directors.

Some program offerings include a reality dating show called “Hole Lotta Love” and “Beer Cart Girl” about the comedic antics of delivering beers to a variety of golfers.

According to press reports Back9Network has been negotiating with broadcasters and cable companies and hopes to be on the air in the first quarter of 2013.

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Readers Feedback:

can't wait, the Golf Channel,(or The T. Woods channel) has outlived its usefullnes, too much slanted commentary, I only watch, and the mute button is one most of the time, please rescue us from this good idea gone so wrong...
Comment at 8/2/2012
i love the idea of having other source of info about Golf. I think some compertion for the Golf Channel will force them to improve their product.
Comment at 8/2/2012
I think it's a great idea! Competition will keep both channels looking for better ways to present golf related programing. I wish them all the best and look forward to watching their progress.
Comment at 8/2/2012
Love the idea, with Tiger on the way back who needs the golf channel. They talk hype about young guns that never come through and there commentators are washed up never was. Get some TV personalities that were actually good at the game. As long as don't make excuses for Phil, I will eagerly watch
Comment at 8/2/2012
I think it's great.
Comment at 8/3/2012
Does the world need another golf channel? Market too small and not growing.
Comment at 8/19/2012
Does the world need another golf channel? Market too small and not growing.
Comment at 8/19/2012
I would like to talk to you about advertising on back9network. Thanks.
Comment at 12/16/2012
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