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Northern Trust picks Wooding

The Riverside golfer has been selected to play at Riveria through a special exemption process

by Southland GolfPublished: January, 2013

Jeremiah Wooding has been awarded the 2013 Northern Trust Open Exemption. The golfer, who was born in Orange County and raised in Riverside, will use the exemption to make his first career start on the PGA Tour when the event begins Feb. 14 at Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades.

The exemption, now in its fifth year of Northern Trust sponsorship, provides an opportunity for a top golfer who represents the advancement of diversity in golf and wouldn’t otherwise be eligible to compete in the event.  A 2011 graduate of UNLV, Wooding acquired conditional status on the Tour after advancing to the final stage of PGA Tour Qualifying School in December.

Wooding’s brother Joshua, who played golf at USC, received the exemption in 2010. The others are Vincent Johnson (2009), Joseph Bramlett (2011) and Andy Walker (2012).

“I feel so privileged to receive the Northern Trust Open Exemption,” Wooding said. “I know how much the experience of playing on one of golf’s greatest stages impacted my brother, and I hope I can also use this platform to further illustrate to young minorities how hard work, along with assistance from leaders in the community, can bring incredible opportunities.”

Wooding graduated from Riverside Poly High School in 2006, where he played golf for two years. His team was 18-2 his senior year and won the Ivy League title. He now works with Advocates USA, where he performs golf clinics and mentors young minorities in the organization’s efforts to enhance the lives of children living in underserved communities.

Candidates for the 2013 Northern Trust Open Exemption were identified through a number of sources, including the PGA Tour, PGA of America through the PGA Minority Collegiate Golf Championship, Nationwide Tour, The First Tee, World Golf Foundation, USGA and the Bill Dickey Scholarship Association.


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