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Top juniors competing in San Diego

by Southland GolfPublished: January, 2013

The Sixth Annual San Diego Junior Amateur will be held through tomorrow at four regional courses. Top-ranked amateur Chris Williams and two-time U.S. Open participant Beau Hossler are competing in the event, which kicks off the 2013 Future Champions Golf (FCG) World Series schedule.

The field consists of more than 300 junior golfers representing 14 countries and 11 states. The courses in the rotation are Steele Canyon Golf Club and the Willow, Oak and Pine Glen courses at Sycuan Golf Resort.

Future Champions Golf strives to uphold both a competitive and friendly environment. Further information about the tournament can be found HERE.


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Readers Feedback:

Go to the driving range a few times berofe going on the course. Practice putting and chipping on the green as well. Don't buy expensive balls till you get good. Don't expect to play good and you won't get down on your self. Take a buddy and play best ball, that way you will have a better chance to play out of the fairways more often they hitting from the woods. HAVE FUN!
Comment at 10/17/2013
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Comment at 10/25/2013