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Woods at home at Torrey Pines

The Orange County native wins his eighth professional title at the seaside course in La Jolla.

by Southland Golf

It figures that a guy with the last name of Woods would like Torrey Pines.

Tiger Woods continued his mastery of the seaside gem in La Jolla with a victory at the Farmers Insurance Open – his eighth professional triumph at Torrey Pines Golf Course since 1999, which includes a double dip in 2008 when he won the annual PGA Tour event and the U.S. Open at the site that year.

“For some reason I’ve always done well here,” Woods told the media after his 75th victory on the PGA Tour. “I feel comfortable down here.”

It was the 23rd time Woods won a PGA Tour by at least four shots. Defending champion Brandt Snedeker and Josh Teater tied for the second, with Nick Watney and Jimmy Walker Watney another stroke back.

Thick fog cost the tournament an entire day of golf on Saturday’s scheduled third round, forcing the first Monday finish in tournament history. Woods effectively won the tournament during his 25 holes on Sunday, when he turned a two-shot lead into a six-shot margin with only 11 holes to play. He finished at 14-under 274 for his 14th victory in California, and 11th in San Diego County.

“I think a win always makes it special, especially the way I played,” Woods said. “To have not won would have been something else because I really played well. Playing the way I did for most of this tournament, until the very end, the last five holes, I felt like I should have won this tournament. I put myself in a position where I had a big enough lead, and that's basically how I felt like I played this week.

“I know I can do that, and it was nice to be able to do it.”

Before anyone projects a monster year for Woods based on one week, especially when that week is at Torrey Pines, remember that no one else in golf is more scrutinized than the guy who grew up in Cypress.

Woods, however, likes the direction he is headed, especially with a short game that recently has caused observers to question whether he would ever dominate the game like he used to.

“I'm excited about this year. I'm excited about … some of the things that I've built," he said. “This is a nice way to start the year.”


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Readers Feedback:

I think that this will be the year the Real Tiger appears on the golf course. It has taken a long time since his fall from grace to return to the dominate player he once was. Had the tournament been 4 days without weather problems, Tiger would have finished at 20 under or better and won by 8 strokes. There will be more of those kind of victories in 2013 as he continues to build on the things Sean is working on. The improvement in his short game and wedge play at Torrey was more like the vintage Tiger than the Tiger of the last 3 years. I see only good things ahead for ETW this season. (ETW aka Eldrick Tiger Woods). Go gettum Tiger, 18 Majors is still in sight regardless of what Rory does.
Comment at 1/31/2013
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Comment at 10/17/2013
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Comment at 10/25/2013