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The PGA Tour signs a 10-year pact with new sponsor.

by Southland GolfPublished: July, 2012

Say goodbye to the Nationwide Tour and hello to the Tour.

The Florida-based internet services company will be the main tour sponsor for 10 years, according to PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem. takes over immediately with the staging this week of the United Leasing Championship at Victoria National Golf Club near Evansville, Ind.

"This sponsorship is a perfect fit for us — is committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses compete and succeed online, just as the Tour helps talented, dedicated athletes maximize their potential and fulfill their dreams," said Chairman David L. Brown.

The agreement also calls for to become an "Official Marketing Partner" of the PGA Tour, the Champions Tour and Tour.

"We are extremely pleased to welcome into the PGA Tour's family of sponsors," Finchem said. "The Tour truly is an extension of the PGA Tour and has proven to be the most effective and consistent indicator of future success on Tour. We consider this an ideal association with a recognized industry leader in helping small to medium-sized businesses become successful as a result of using its services. To that end, we are particularly delighted that, in addition to the sponsorship, will be offering its expertise to help our tournaments, players and charities enhance their own web presence."

Nationwide Insurance has been sponsoring the Tour since 2003.

The PGA Tour release said Nationwide had decided to assume presenting sponsorship of the Memorial Tournament in the 2011 season and was prepared to continue its umbrella sponsorship of the Tour through the 2012 season until stepped forward.

"Nationwide has been a terrific partner of the PGA Tour for more than 20 years, dating back to its involvement as a tournament sponsor on the Champions Tour," Finchem said. "We thank Nationwide for its tremendous support and contributions as an umbrella sponsor of the Tour since 2003. We are delighted we will continue to work together on Nationwide's two Columbus-based events ... the Memorial Tournament on the PGA Tour and the Nationwide Children's Hospital Invitational on the Tour."

Read the release and watch the press conference video HERE:


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