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SCGA youth on course

Affordable golf to get the youngsters on board.

by Brian LichtermanPublished: February, 2012

(photo: courtesy SCGA)
The Southern California Golf Association (SCGA) Youth on Course program lets today’s youth onto courses and driving ranges throughout Southern California for just a few bucks. Rates for green fees and ranges vary from $1 to $5 during off-peak hours. Participants will be certified upon successful completion of online quizzes on topics that range from golf rules to etiquette and life skills.

Partnered with the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA) this program is being featured statewide at hundreds of courses. The opportunity for children to get involved with golf at a young age is important to the future of the sport.

With an onslaught of young talent bursting onto the scene in the past few years, it’s becoming more and more evident that the earlier they start, the better.

Many people pick up the game later in life, which is fine, but they’ll never be as good as or compare to somebody who has been playing most of their life.

For your child to sport a spiffy new SCGA bag tag and membership card it will only cost you $50 per year and $25 for any additional family member at the same address. After signing up, all it takes is that membership card to take advantage of one of the best deals around. It’s your child’s pass to some of the cheapest golf deals out there.

Aside from teaching the game of golf and letting these young players practice their game, a big focus of the Youth on Course program is to instill morals and strengthen the core values of the participants.

Golf is more than just a game, it’s a way of life, and learning to control emotions, practice patience, respect others, and thoroughly enjoy oneself out on the course, more than just their swing needs to be cultivated.

The Youth on Course program, supported by the Southern California PGA and the USGA, is growing by the day. If your junior golfer is ready to get out there and play and practice more often, then look no further. The SCGA’s Youth on Course program is a magnificent deal that shouldn’t be missed.

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