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SCGA's Youth on Course

Easily the most affordable option for junior golfers to play and practice in Southern California.

by Southland GolfPublished: May, 2012

Texie Petchel, 14, stepped up to the first tee during the recent fresh&easy-Kraft Foods Legacy Junior Challenge at Mission Hills CC, proudly wearing her SCGA Foundation golf shirt. Many of the other girls involved in the event wore shirts with golf clothing company logos, but it made sense for Texie to be sporting the SCGA Foundation’s brand.

“The SCGA Foundation is her biggest sponsor!” said dad J.J., just feet from the tee box. “The number of rounds and buckets of balls that program has given her has been a blessing.”

The SCGA Foundation’s Youth on Course program creates affordable access to golf by establishing $1-$5 green and range fees at local facilities. Participants get certified for Youth on Course upon successful completion of a series of online quizzes that include golf rules, etiquette and life skills.
“I am growing to appreciate the Youth on Course program more each year we conduct it,” said Mike Rashko, PGA Teaching Professional at the Golf Club at Rancho California. “Everyone involved benefits from it. First and foremost, the kids have affordable access to area ranges and golf courses. I can use it as a selling point for our junior program. The junior students practice more, and it creates better golfers and more golf lessons for myself. Lastly, the range and golf course operators win, because it creates new customers and encourages the whole family to come out to their facilities.”

More than 120 facilities and 3,000 juniors are involved with Youth on Course. The foundation is proud not only to be getting kids out on the course but also to be helping them get involved in a game that teaches integrity, character and responsibility. Parents such as J.J. recognize that when watching their own kids out on the green.

“I believe that the values the game of golf teaches children, especially honesty and respect for others, are directly related to the type of person they will be as adults,” said J.J. “All parents want these values ingrained in their children. Thanks to the Youth on Course program, my children are learning these values through an enjoyable game they can play for a lifetime.”

To get your child involved with Youth on Course, visit All Southern California juniors age 8-17 are eligible, and yearly fees are just $50 for one member and $25 for an additional family member at the same address. Financial assistance is also available.

“Youth on Course isn’t about creating champion golfers, although I have no doubt there will be some,” said J.J., whose two kids have had success in tournament golf.

“It is about creating a passion for the game and fostering a generation of successful people who will be able to afford to play golf as adults.”
For more information visit and sign up today.


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