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Chasing his dream

Chris Anderson is struggling to get back on Tour.

by Steve VirgenPublished: December, 2012

During a preview clip of the The Golf Channel’s series, “Chasing the Dream,” Chris Anderson says a line that depicts his challenge of balancing a family life with the game.

The 41-year-old Yorba Linda resident is one of two golfers featured in the nine-part reality-type series that premiered Oct. 2 and chronicles their attempt to fulfill their dream of competing on the PGA Tour.

“I don’t want to be selfish, but in this game you have to be,” Anderson says in the clip.

Away from the game, Anderson is all about his family and forklift business. He wants the best for his wife of 14 years, Jennifer, and their three children, Maddie, 13, Molly, 8, and Jack, 7.

He’s trying to juggle it all while attempting to pursue a spot on the PGA Tour. Anderson’s been there before. He competed on the Tour in 2003 and 2005. His highlight came in 2003 when he had a tie-for-fourth finish at the Southern Farm Bureau Classic. He finished No. 152 on the PGA Tour money list.

In 2004, Anderson played in the Tour (formerly the Nationwide Tour). Then he soon saw his play dwindle and regress in 2005 after incorporating swing changes that he had hoped would elevate his game.
Anderson said he finished 181st on the PGA Tour money list.

“I wasn’t satisfied with that,” he said. “I had higher expectations. Toward the end of 2005 I made a complete overhaul of my game. I thought I had to make a bunch of changes. I didn’t want to bounce back and forth between the two tours. The changes did not work for me whatsoever. It pretty much ruined me.”

It wasn’t long after he put the golf clubs away. But he recently started to get the itch to play again, and compete.

There’s another statement Anderson makes during the preview clip. This one shows his motivation and a reason why he wanted back into competition.

“I don’t want to ever be a has-been,” Anderson says.

He used the past year to prepare for October’s Q-School in Palm Desert.

“This is kind of my last shot to get my PGA Tour card,” Anderson said Oct. 15.

Anderson said he was indifferent about having his last chance viewed, as a TV show on the Golf Channel, but deep down he knew it could be worthwhile. His friends encouraged him to send in his resume to try to be on the show.

“It was a once in a lifetime experience that I’m glad I did,” Anderson said. “I don’t know how it will be received. Everyone at Golf Channel has been so nice to me, especially to my wife and kids. They really did a first-class job. That made me feel better throughout the process.”


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