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Dicky Pride

Interview by Glenn MondayPublished: July, 2012

Dicky Pride won on the PGA Tour in 1994. He shot a final round 67 in the 2012 Byron Nelson Championship to claim second place.

GM: What is the most important part of the golf swing?
DP: Balance is the most important. Good balance suggests that your swing has good tempo and that you’ve kept your head still enough that your upper-body weight stayed between your two feet.

GM: Any balance tips?
DP: It all starts with a well-balanced start position. I played a lot of basketball, so I would compare it to how you stand as you shoot a free throw. Have good weight on the balls of your feet. Feel a good athletic stance as if you are ready to move in any direction at a moment’s notice.

GM: How old were you when you started playing golf?
DP: I was right around 5 years old. My dad was the golf coach at Alabama so that was good for me. I was lucky to get a lot of instruction as I was growing up.

GM: Your golf swing has been well practiced. On the course, do you have a set swing thought?
DP: I have a feel for where I want to finish, so I just trust the swing and try to repeat a good finish. I try to have a good setup and then finish where I want to finish. And I try to swing with smooth instinct.

GM: Any tips for the average golfer?
DP: Practice technique on the driving range, but when you go play, keep it simple; go out and enjoy the game.

Glenn Monday is an L.A.-based teaching pro and author of “Know Your Swing.” Visit


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