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Na Yeon Choi

The LPGA superstar is constantly focused on swing tempo.

by Glenn MondayPublished: July, 2011

(PHOTO: Eddie Meeks)
Only 23, Na Yeon Choi is already an international sensation. The native of Seoul, South Korea won the LPGA money title in 2010 and topped the Tour with a 69.87 scoring average. I caught up with her earlier this year during the Kia Classic at Industry Hills Golf Club at Pacific Palms Resort.

Glenn Monday: What are some elements of your swing you work on?
Na Yeon Choi: The transition from my backswing to my downswing. Sometimes my tempo gets too quick, so I think about having the same smooth feel every time.

Anything else?
NC: My left hip gets open sometimes. It gets too quick. I try for better timing by slowing down the left hip just a little.

GM: Any putting tips you can share?
NC: Practice many 15- to 20-foot putts. These will help to save pars and give you more birdies. By practicing this length, you’ll develop a natural feel for the power required to cover the distance. You develop muscle memory through practice. My putting technique is to just use shoulders and arms. I try to keep my hands quiet and still. I also think of keeping my head still because it’s the anchor of the stroke. And always thinking just to be smooth.

GM: What got you interested in the game?
NC: My dad tried to be a pro but didn’t make it, so he gave me his dream.

Glenn Monday is an L.A.-based teaching professional and author of “Know Your Swing.” He has conducted over 300 one-on-one interviews. For more, call (310) 322-8924 or visit

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