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Patrick Warburton

Interview by Brian LichtermanPublished: May, 2012

From his characters David Puddy on “Seinfeld” to Joe on “Family Guy” to the title role in cult-favorite “The Tick,” Patrick Warburton is no stranger to a good laugh. He’s been a part of some of the biggest shows in television history. What you might not know about this mega star is that he’s also an avid golfer, hosts a charity golf tournament for St. Jude Children’s Hospital and is from right here in Orange County.

What are some of your favorite Southern California courses?

My local [Ventura County] courses that I play all the time are Tierra Rejada and Moorpark Country Club. Moorpark Country Club is a four and a half star course; it’s got 27 holes, and it’s stunning. I’ve got actor buddies that up to an hour out here to play every week.

You went to Newport Harbor, right?
My wife and I are both from Huntington Beach, and I always figured I’d move back south. The Southland beaches are great. I’d love to be back in the Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach area someday.

Anything specific with regards to your game that you’re working on right now?
I’ve gotten so frustrated with my game, and I’m just now getting out with a pro again and working on some things on the range. I’m like a lot of guys where I’m like a scratch golfer on the range, but I need to introduce the range guy to the course. I know I’m screwed in the head – I’ve got major issues. I probably need to call my old buddy Dr. Joseph Parent, the Zen master, because that’s where my problems lie. I know how to swing a club; I know what I need to do, but there are so many psychological components. Am I going to play the rest of my life? Probably, all men do; it’s the great common denominator.

Tell me about “Golf for Kids.”
Golf for Kids was the first weekend in March, and it was a huge success. We did very well for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The first night was a jam session with Alice Cooper, Robby Krieger and Steve Cropper. Then Saturday is golf. Saturday night is a big party with comedy; David Spade did the comedy the first year. I’ve had John O’Hurley host it the last two years; he’s just an amazing guy. I was told by St. Jude’s that this tournament is second to Donald Trump’s tournament in New York – I’m gunning for Trump, I’d like to throw that out there right now.

Do your kids play golf?
Our son is going to Cal Lutheran right now, and I’ll take him to the driving range, and he has so much fun, and then that’s it. He’s got a lot going on with school, but I hope at some point he’ll pick it up. There are those who gravitate toward it early on, and there are those who take to it later in life.

Any other tales of celebrity golf?
I got a chance to play with Lindsey Wright and Natalie Gulbis at the LPGA event, the Kraft Nabisco. That was a great experience; those ladies were fantastic. It was an honor to play with those girls at the event.


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