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Sylvester Stallone

From Rambo to Rocky, the actor impresses on the big screen and on the golf course.

interview by Glenn MondayPublished: March, 2012

(photo: Eddie Meeks)

Sylvester Stallone is certainly no stranger to the golf course, especially Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, Calif., where he’s a member. His handicap floats around double digits, but his love for the game never waivers.

One of the Top 50 celebrity golfers in Hollywood, Stallone certainly knows how to focus on the technical aspects of his game. The complexity of the game and its infinite lessons it has to teach him is what keeps Stallone going back for more. Here, he talks about his many swing thoughts.

Any swing thoughts that you focus on these days?
I believe the old axiom that the dog swings the tail, so I try to get the body shifting and keep my right shoulder back. I want the natural momentum of the arms and clubhead to whip through the ball with bad intentions.

What grip pressure do you like to feel?
It is funny that you should mention that because I’ve been working with a 40-ounce driver, leading with the left arm to build up more power with the left forearm. I think for a right-handed golfer, it really is a left-handed game. The right arm mostly adds mass. If you could only use one arm, the left would be the choice of most.

Yes, left-side muscle pulls right-side mass into the hit. That’s the power.
No question about it. It is like you are trying to smack the ball with the back of your left hand as you keep it going. My problem is I tend to get my hips moving too fast, and that throws off my timing.

What has this game taught you?
It is a constant game of readjusting and learning, and that is what keeps you going. No one completely masters this game.

What brought you to the great game of golf?
Curiosity. I thought nothing could be that hard. Then I thought anyone that could hit a ball on a long par-4 through wind, optical illusions and distortions and high grass with crooked sticks into a hole the size of a Coke can - that is a pretty extraordinary game. I want to be involved with that.

Little known fact: Glenn Monday played a media man in “Rocky III.”

Glenn Monday is an L.A. based Teaching Pro, and author of “Know Your Swing.” For more, visit


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